• The Aviva Method is a structured, non-invasive and moderate exercise technique which helps women to be in control of their bodies and the on-going natural reproductive processes.

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  • The Aviva exercises are adjusted to your specific health issue and physical condition. You learn by your own speed and with the full support of the Aviva practitioner.

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What is the...

Aviva Method

The Aviva Method is a structured, non-invasive and moderate exercise technique that has a therapeutic effect on the female reproductive system. The movements are focused on the pelvic, hip and lower abdominal region of the body – called the Working Zone.

The practice of the Method boosts the blood circulation in the reproductive organs and improves the production and transmission of hormones that play a crucial role in the female menstrual cycle. It will not only strengthen the reproductive organs but also unblock circulatory blockages and restores the very delicate balance of the hormonal system.

Top 10 ways the Aviva Method can help you...

  • the aviva methodImprove Fertility
  • Eliminate Uterine fibroids
  • Heal PCOS
  • Healing Endometriosis
  • Fix irregular/painful period
  • Manage PMS
  • Ease the Menopause
  • Restore hormonal imbalances of the reproductive system
  • Resolve Pelvic Congestion Syndrome
  • Prepare for IVF and increase success rate

The Aviva Method was developed in the 1960s in Israel by Aviva Steiner. It was primarily spread by female physical education teachers who worked in religious communities and was mainly adopted by women of the Orthodox Jewish faith who found it very effective in achieving conception according to their religious beliefs.

These days there are Aviva practitioners teaching the Method all around Europe and Canada. Gradually, it is becoming well-known and a popular natural alternative for women who prefer to improve their fertility and maintain their reproductive health and wellbeing without the use of hormone-based drugs.

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